What happens to the time of a deleted task?

This article explains what happens to a task and its time when you delete it from an integrated tool.

Deleting a task from an integration

When you delete a task from an integration, Everhour will still keep time logs and estimates, which means that the time reported and planned for the task will be included into:

  • The project's total on various Everhour dashboards;
  • The report on the project containing this task.

Why so?

We did that mainly for data security reasons: we want to make sure your data on the task is safely preserved in the Everhour database in case of accidental deletion. Even if the task was deleted on purpose, it may be useful to check the logs retrospectively and see how long it took to complete each of the tasks.

How to delete a task's time and estimate

Say you want to permanently delete the task and exclude the reported and planned time from the project's total and future reports on this project. Let's take a quick look at how you can do it from an external application and the Everhour app. 

Deleting time and estimates via an external application

If you delete the task's time and estimates while the task is still there on the list, this data will also be removed from the Everhour database. 

Here is an example of how to do it on Asana:

You can find the instructions on deleting time and estimates from other external applications in our knowledge base.

Deleting time and estimates from Everhour Timesheet

You can delete the task right from your Timesheet on Everhour and then go ahead and delete it from your integration.

Deleting time and estimates from Everhour report

If you have a great number of tasks, it may be difficult to find the necessary one on your Timesheet right away. To locate the task more quickly, we suggest building a report on your tasks and deleting time and estimate right from there.

  • Create a new report and add the following columns: Task (main in with subgroups), Reported time, Estimates. 
  • Select the time period 'Everything'. 
  • Apply any other necessary filtering that may help you single out the necessary task.

  • Scroll down to the task list. To delete the time, click on the pencil icon next to the reported time.

  • Deleting the estimate is a little more tricky. To do it, click on the task's name in the report. In the opened pop-up window click on the 'Edit Estimates' button and delete the estimated time. 

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