Moving time

How to move your time

Moving time option appears when you go to the list or timesheet views of  Time. When in the list, click on the time entry and choose Edit time. 

If you select another date, we will move the existing entry to that day. Moving to another task appears below the comment box. It requires a user to select a member (if time moved by admins), the period, and destination (project and task). Time entries apply for the same dates as in the previous task you move time from. The original task will not have this time anymore. 

You can combine moving time to a different date and time by doing it from your timesheet. Click on the 4-dot icon of the time cell and move it to another one. We highlight the transfer in green when it is a success.

Moving time of others

  • First place is to find Edit Time Modal by clicking on time entries in reports, timesheets on Home or in the project summary. It lets move time to another day or task. When a task has time entries in different days, you can move one time entry or select a broader period and include this time.

  • Each task has some details and extra action buttons when you click on the task title. We added a new button there that allows moving time. It is a part of the "Add time" button.
  • Admins can open the timesheet of any member and move their task time to another task or date by a standard drag and drop function. If you enable future time tracking in Account > Applications, time can be added to empty cells for days to come.

Important details to use the feature correctly

  • Members can move only their time. Admins and supervisors can move time for others. Users get new time only if they have reported time into a task before.
  • All users can’t make a move if the time is invoiced.
  • Members can't move time that is approved or submitted for approval.
  • There is a setting that locks time editing after X days. If you enable this lock, a member can’t move the time to that period. Admins can override this setting and move time.
  • We don’t move task estimates.
  • Members and supervisors can’t move time into tasks they have no access to. Admins can do this and move the time of deactivated members.
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