How to add time for the past?

Everhour offers plenty of options to log your hours retrospectively. Let's look at them one by one.

4 ways to add time for the past:

  • In your integrated tool.
  • Using browser extension.
  • On the Time page (read if you don't have reported time for the last week!).
  • On the Team's Timesheet.


There is an action button for adding time in each integrated tool. Usually you need to open task details to find our controls.

 Below is an example how to add time retrospectively in Asana. You can find how it looks in all tools we integrate with by reading an article on each integration here.

Browser extension

Open your browser extension window and click on a task in My activity. If it is not there, search for tasks in the same window. After you choose a task and hit the blue Add time button, you will be able to indicate your hours manually in any entry mode (hours, interval) and choose the day you need to add your progress to.

Time page

Open you Time page and find the "+" icon next to the past day on the list view where you can add hours retrospectively.

Switch to the Timesheet view where you add tasks for past days by clicking on "Add Task" at the bottom of the timesheet.

Team's Timesheet 

Team Admins can also add past time on behalf of their team members on a Team's Timesheet page. You will need to choose a week you wish to add the time for, then expand member's timesheet and add hours to a certain day of the week or add a new task to this view and then add time for this newly added task.

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