Approving Time

The option of time approval allows employees to submit their timesheet for approval while an admin can evaluate teamwork and lock further time editing. 

This article tells you about:

  • The stages of the time approval process;
  • Time approval for a user and for an admin;
  • Some additional information about this feature.

The stages of time approval

First of all, Time approval should be turned on in the team Applications. It is turned on by default for all teams, but you could turn it off if your company does not use it.

Users make a request to approve their time for a week from Time page. The submitted time cannot be edited, though members can withdraw a submission if they want to change something. When time is approved or rejected, a member receives a notification by email.

Admins should check the Team Timesheet Dashboard where they see pending approvals, accept or reject them. Another option is to discard the approval request that makes time not approved for the member to edit it.

Submit time for approval

Members should act directly from the Time page. The first step is to submit the time for approval. Mind that you can’t send only some days, but the whole week.

There is no way to correct time entries after the time was sent for approval. However, a member can click on "Submitted" and withdraw the request. This withdrawal option disappears after the time was approved or rejected, any time edits are locked.

When your admin approves the time on the Team timesheet, we change the week time status to Approved. By default, we send an email notification for the time approval or rejection. If you don't wish to receive it, then turn it off in your notifications

When time entries were rejected, you need to resubmit the day for approval after the tweaks made. 

Approve or reject time

After the time was sent for approval, a team admin can open Team Timesheet and check the approval status of each member for this or earlier weeks. Initially, there are just 2 statuses. Not Approved means a member did not submit a request, Pending means the week was submitted for approval. Then an admin starts to check time day by day creating 3 more statuses: Approved, Partially, Pending. This is how all statuses look all together on a Timesheet.

An Admin can press on "Not Approved" and "Pending" to approve time in one click or go day by day marking them as approved. If one day is unchecked, we consider the week to be "Partially Approved". In case of mistake, team admin can easily discard the approval by clicking on a 3-dot-sign > "Discard Approval".

What else you should know

  • The Team Timesheet can show up to 5 last weeks, so if you wish to approve time for an earlier period, you can click on the member name and open its personal timesheet;
  • Supervisors can't approve time, because they don't have access to all projects time;
  • If time is partially approved, there is no way to resubmit time. A member can edit time for days where time is not approved. An admin should discard approval in order to let a user resubmit time;
  • When a member submits time, there is no email notification sent to an admin. The only place where an admin can see the time status is the timesheet page.
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