Time approval (user)

As a user, you can mark your weekly 'Project hours' and 'Working hours' as requiring approval in a few clicks. This way you'll notify an admin that you've checked and verified your timesheet. No back and forth messages in chat.

Submit a request to approve time

You can submit time for approval from your 'Time' page (any tab).

  1. Click on the 'Not Submitted' badge next to your weekly total;
  2. Leave some explanation to your manager;
  3. Choose a person who should be notified about your request; (we will save this choice and next time this administrator will be pre-selected for the user by default)
  4. Hit 'Submit for Approval' to send a request (you submit Project hours from Timesheet and Working hours from Timecard).

Locked time

After you submit a request, you can no longer change time. 

Data can become editable again only in 2 cases. If the administrator makes a rejection, or if you withdraw the request yourself (you might suddenly notice an error). The history log appears at the bottom of the request window.

After your time is approved, it's also locked for changes. Time that was rejected can be changed and re-submitted for approval. Partially approved time can't be changed for those days that were approved.

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