Account suspension

When we can suspend account

We use to handle all billing operations and payments that users make for their subscription. If the attempt to charge your card fails, we send you a notification. The attempt may fail in 2 main scenarios: a) you have insufficient funds to cover the subscription cost, b) the charge was declined by your bank.
While this is clear to handle the first case, the second one is quite tricky. We never know the exact reason why your bank blocked our attempt and only a cardholder could find that information out. This is why you should contact your bank immediately to rectify the situation.
Your subscription will be automatically canceled after 4 unsuccessful attempts. You will have to re-subscribe. If the attempt fails when we prorate you for newly added users, we suspend the option to add any new users until you pay the outstanding charge.
If you know about a problem, please get in touch with us. Sometimes it takes banks to approve the transaction and your early notice will assist in handling the situation.
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