Task comments: make, show in reports and invoices

How to make a comment

Comments you specify what stage you are now on, and it is even more useful when you have more than one person working on the same task. Besides, your client will better understand where you spent 5 hours from your overall 30h estimate to a task. 

Tracking time through the Time page, you can not only refer to a task but also leave extra comments to your entry. These notes are aimed at showing someone’s involvement in details, especially for long-term tasks.

Comments can be added or changed while and after on the same page in your history or in the time log of a task.

Once you click on a timesheet cell the quote icon will show up on the left. In order to add or edit comments for the hours reported in that cell, you will need to hit the icon and will be able to add or adjust, remove comments in the popped up text area.

We also allow leaving a comment in some of the integrations (Asana, Trello, Basecamp 3, ClickUp, and Github) when you started a timer or enter hours manually.

How to see a task comment in your report

Go to Reporting menu > Create new report or Edit existing > Layout tab. Find a new column “Comments” and drag it from the right side to the left in order to make it show up in a report.

To be able to see comments in a separate column, your report should include such columns as Member and Task Title. This is a must if you want to see full comments with time.

If there are no mentioned columns, the Comments column will show a link that reveals a comment history.

How to see comments in invoices

Everhour invoices allow making a different type of time grouping through meta tags. We have added a comment meta tag as a choice:

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