Daily, Weekly and Monthly Summary emails

Summary emails are good to track progress of the team and your personal progress on a regular basis. There are 3 types of summary emails right now: daily, weekly and monthly.

How to enable summary emails

By default, a summary email is disabled. In order to start receiving a summary email, a user should open a personal notifications page and toggle the option. Then choose the periodicity of email and save changes. Admins can additionally decide whom from their team they want to see in these emails. 

Emails are sent out an hour before the start of working day defined by team settings.

Summary information according to a user role

What you see in your email is defined by your team role.

  • Team member sees time by project and top tasks he/she was working on.
  • Supervisors see reported and timecard time of other team members for a given period, time by project and time off of other members. If there was time reported in a project to which a supervisor does not have access to, such time won't get on this summary.
  • Team administrators see reported and timecard time of other team members, even when there is no access to a project. They see time off for a given period. Also, time by project with budget progress and time by client with budget progress (if you have any clients).
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