Schedule vs. Timeline

Schedule was the first version of our planner and has been deprecated for all new users since the introduction of our Timeline app (Aug 24, 2022). Users on Team plan who registered before that date will be able to use both apps.

Some prerequisites of introducing Timeline

Schedule did not find popularity among our clients. The idea was to plan work for employees and make sure that the scheduled time is close to capacity. But on practice it turned out to be quite laborious to do plus make ongoing adjustments to maintain relevance.


At the same time, we were receiving many requests to synchronise tasks from external systems. If the task have a due date or period, it should be displayed in the Schedule. It was not possible to do so with the existing concept and implementation, so we decided to work on a standalone application and look how it goes.


The main feature of our new Timeline app is the ability to see all tasks from all projects and integrations in one place. For example, Asana has its own calendar, but it is on per project basis. With Everhour, you can view all your data in one place. Plus we do our best to provide a two-way sync for most popular integrations. Changing a due date for a task in Everhour will change the due date in Asana.

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