How to install Everhour browser extension bypassing Chrome Web Store

This article explains how to install the latest Everhour browser extension bypassing Chrome Web Store where it could be outdated.

Recently, developers (including us) have encountered a problem that while updating their browser extension, Google delayed release due to a manual review process. This can take several days or even weeks. We are not able to somehow speedup this process, therefore, we are working on various alternative backup options that will allow our customers, if necessary, to have a workable version of our browser extension.

  • Go to "Chrome Extensions" settings (Chrome > Preferences > Extensions or type chrome://extensions in your address bar)
  • Remove an existing Everhour extension, if you have one
  • Enable "Developer mode"

  • Click "Load unpacked" and select the downloaded folder

  • You should see the "Everhour" extension enabled

  • Please authorize the extension. You can either enter the API key, or just click this link and open your Everhour account. If you logged in, the extension will associate with your account automatically.

Trello/Jira users

  • In the long run, we are going to develop Everhour Power-Up as an option to increase our stability and less dependence on browser extension. The ability to use Everhour in the Trello desktop app or inside the browser on the mobile device will be a nice bonus, as it's supported by the platform itself. Working on it right now!
  • We've also released the Everhour native Jira plugin.
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