Why task estimates don't appear in Schedule

For those who want not just to track time, but also to do a forecast, Everhour gives a couple of options. These options are to give estimates to your tasks or to create project assignments in Schedule. Unfortunately, this is impossible to see estimates in Schedule for a number of reasons. 

  • Estimates are made on a task level, whereas assignments are created for projects and their tasks with no relation to estimates.
  • An estimate can belong to a user or to a task, while an assignment is always linked to a user.
  • Estimates have no start and end date, whereas an assignment is created for a certain period.

These are the main issues with displaying your task estimates in Schedule. We are working on finding a way how to combine these two elements and may come with a solution in the future.

To understand how to see task estimates and analyze them, please read this article. To learn about Schedule, please follow here.

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