Why Everhour browser extension asks access to a number of sites?

People ask us what Everhour extension can and can't do with websites and pages they visit on their browser. This article will try to explain that and also we give an explanation to this scary message: " It can read and change your data on a number of websites".

Do you really need to have access to web pages?

Yes, we do. We require it because we add our time tracking functionality directly to your integrated tools, like Asana or Trello. We can't show a timer or let you add an estimate without accessing the page where you list your tasks you wish to track time for.

What our extension can and can't see or do

We don't see any passwords for your account or any other sensitive data. And there is no access that we have to any other websites that we don't integrate with, like your Gmail for instance.

Can I somehow limit the extension access?

Yes, you can specify or even completely prevent our extension to access your website. Please read the dedicated article on how to do that for Chrome here, and for Firefox here. Please mind that Everhour does not guarantee a stable time tracking inside your PM tools after you restrict access.

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