How to track time of vacation, sick days and time off

There is no direct functionality in Everhour to manage the absence of your team. However, we could recommend a couple of workarounds to log such hours alongside the time spent on work.

Tracking absence in projects

You can set an internal, non-billable project in Everhour and list the type of absence as sections: vacations, sick leaves, days off and partial absence. Each section can have a task to track time. You can even create tasks for short breaks and time to smoke a cigarette. 

Your team can track time for this project as for any other project created in Everhour: using the live timer or adding hours manually. You need to activate an option to track time for the future if you wish to log vacation hours in advance. Admins can do it in Team settings

Tracking absence in tasks

Alternatively, every project could have a separate task or section with tasks to track time off. You can add them in both types of projects: external that come from your integrated project management tool, or created internally in Everhour.

Report on Absence time

1. If you created a separate project, you can filter in reports and see the time for each section or member. For example, put the member name as the main column, then add the task name highlighting its section and time reported. You can add other columns, like Day, Iteration, Comments, etc.

2. Apply a filter by a section where a task is located in a project or tag your absence time tasks with #timeoff, #vacation, #break to make an ordinary report filtered by meta information. You can read more about custom reports in Everhour in this article.

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