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Checklist to ensure you have switched to EH2

If your team moves to a new version or just tests it simultaneously working with EH1, you should be cautious about entries you make. Specifically, make sure that you or your teammates don’t track time in different versions!

This problem may occur when you track time through Asana with the help of embedded timer buttons. So, don’t actually see where time entries you made really go.

How can one avoid such scenario?

  1. To start with, let’s do a quick test. Start timer inside Asana (or other tools) and open the main page of the EH2 website to see if the same timer is running there.

If you see the timer runs in Asana but not on the Time tracking page, you are likely to track time in the old version. EH1 and EH2 use different API token, so this is why the problem occurs.

In such a case you have to update your key and point your browser extension to the appropriate version.

  1. Open up your profile page in EH2 and copy the token (at the bottom of the page).
  2. After that visit the page where your browser displays all installed extensions, find ours and press on options.
  3. Insert the correct key, press save and refresh the Asana page.
  4. As the last step, start a timer in Asana to ensure that the tracking time page now reflects the process.

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