Connecting with FreshBooks

If you use FreshBooks as an accounting management tool, you can easily integrate it with Everhour and start sending invoices with reported hours to your FreshBooks account. No more double invoice entry.

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How to setup

Important. You need to have an admin role in order to connect FreshBooks to your Everhour account.

You can connect FreshBooks or any other platform at any time from the Integrations page in your account settings. After the authorization step, you will need to select your default parameters for Account and Item Code. We will use them during the export of your invoices.

The rest of the admins in your Everhour team will see FreshBooks data in various tabs, dashboards, and reports. Members and supervisors do not see anything associated with your FreshBooks account.

How sync works

When you connect FreshBooks, Everhour will automatically sync all your contacts and send them to our 'Clients' tab. It's currently not possible to make granular sync, deciding what clients you wish to connect with and whatnot. Everhour also updates the names of contacts if they were renamed in FreshBooks. 

We sync the basic details on each client that you need to create an invoice, like name, business address, taxes, etc. We also periodically (not immediately) sync changes that you make to your client on the FreshBooks side.

Business details Contact name / address / country / city / state.
Archived clients We ignore archived clients during the initial sync. Later, when you archive a client in Freshbooks, we also archive it in Everhour  

Read more about how to work with imported clients and make invoices for them here.

How to trigger instant sync:

If you've just added a new contact in FreshBooks, updated an invoice status or changed its billable amount and want to see these changes immediately in Everhour, you need to re-sync projects from the Integrations page manually.

If you manually change time or amount in the invoice, it will only apply to the invoice, the data in reports will remain unchanged.

Making reports with FreshBooks data

There is a special column called 'Client' that displays its name in reports and allows to group and analyze the data associated with it.


To disable integration, go to the 'Integrations' page in Everhour account. This option affects all your team. 

If you choose to delete the integration after that, we delete all its invoices, budgets, mark time entries as uninvoiced, and unlink all projects.  This cannot be undone!

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