Ways to bill your project

One of the useful parts of project setup is choosing the 'Billing method'. It drives how you’ll report on your projects and how you’ll bill for the work done. 

Project billing methods

An admin can set a billing method by going to the 'Projects' page and clicking 💲 icon (or select multiple projects and apply settings in bulk) and directly inside some integrations by means of our browser extension. 

Non-billable project: you can track time to non-billable projects, but you can’t create invoices for them. As an example, it could be an internal project used to track pre-sale activities or training within your company and analyze associated costs in reports.
Hourly (project rate): you’ll enter just one hourly rate for the entire project. This rate gets applied to all billable hours tracked to the project, regardless of who works on it.
Hourly (member rate): billing based on the hourly rate for each member of your team. Each team member you add to the project will need to have a billable rate entered. You can make all employee's time non-billable in the project by setting its rate = 0.
Fixed-fee: choose if you’re billing your client a fixed amount of money for the overall project. These projects will have a set price, no matter how many hours are worked. 

Mark a specific task as 'non-billable'

By default, everything you and your team report into a billable project is considered to be billable. However, you can mark a specific task as 'non-billable'. Click on a task title anywhere in Everhour and click the 💲 label to make it orange (admins only).

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