Expenses page

Alongside billable hours, you may pay for services or goods out of your own pocket and would like to later include them into an invoice to the client. If employees spend their own money during business activities, you can record these expenses and then reimburse. 

'Expenses' page is where admins can see all team expenses grouped in a certain way. Regular members can only record expenses for themselves and cannot mark them as 'billable' for further client invoicing.

  1. Click "..." icon to manage expense categories or download expenses as a csv. file;
  2. Apply different filters;
  3. Choose how you'd like to group expenses on the page; 
  4. The list of all expenses (click to edit).

Create an expense

By clicking the 'Add Expense' button, you will see the expense editing form.

  1. Pick a date when the expense took place, select category and add amount;
  2. Leave a short description and attach files (receipts, invoices, screenshots, etc.);
  3. Assign project and / or team member;
  4. Count expense as a billable amount and include in invoices, count expenses as internal cost, keep separate from project profit calculation.

Expense categories

Categories help to organize expenses. Sometimes it's more convenient to create a unit for a certain category and count the expense by a pre-set rate for one unit. 

Example: a company compensates travel costs where 1 mile is 0.58$. If a team member drives 10 miles, instead of demanding a gas bill, this mileage is put into Everhour. Everhour automatically calculates the cost at a pre-set reimbursement rate for miles, i.e. 10 X 0.58 = 5.8$.

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