Timecards reporting (admin)

Clock-in, clock-out and breaks data is available in several places.

Timecards page

Admins can see a special 'Timecards' tab under the Team page. They can export timecards of the team or particular members, expand the weekly view to adjust hours.

Team hours report

Another dashboard where admins can see Timecards data is report called 'Team hours' under Reports page. There you see working hours, project hours, compare them with users' capacity and spot a mistake (if any).

  1. Select the most appropriate grouping and period;
  2. See team member and title;
  3. Separate column with Project hours, Time offs and their sum;
  4. Compare it with Working hours;
  5. See if there is an excess in Project or Working hours compared to weekly user’s capacity;

Slack notifications

You can connect Everhour with Slack and receive daily or weekly messages about all the work done by your team including clock-in, clock-out, and time offs. 

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