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Our 'Home' page is kind of summary dashboard that aggregates and allows to quickly see key team metrics. The page consists of 6 widgets.

1. Timers

This widget shows who is currently working and on what task (has a running timer), who is idle (the timer is stopped), who did not track time today at all, and who has a day off today.

2. Timesheets

Next widget is a compact view of your team’s timesheet. Use it to easily find the employee’s time for any day in any week. By clicking on a cell you can add or edit time. In addition, the 'Daily normal hours" option from the Team settings page allows you to highlight hours that are less or greater than the norm. It will help you to quickly spot a mistake if any.

3. Time off

Mini calendar of scheduled time off in your team. The essence of this widget is to remind you that someone will be absent in the coming days. The data can be quickly added or edited here.

4. Key metrics by project / client / task

Metrics for key projects, clients or tasks. The chart can display data about time (billable vs non-billable), by billable amount, by labor cost, by profit (billable amount - cost) starting with the biggest positive or negative value.

5. Key metrics by member / team group

All the same metrics are grouped by employee or team group.

6. Expenses

The last widget helps to visualise recorder expenses if you have the Expenses app activated for your team.

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