Edit timecards & approval

Team members can easily edit their own timecards, while admins and supervisors can adjust timecards for anyone. There is also a function of weekly approval when admins can approve or reject hours thus prohibiting further editing. 

Edit personal timecards

Any user regardless of their role can adjust their personal timecards by going to 'Time' page in Everhour. Click on the 'Timecard' tab, find the necessary week and expand it. Your edits will be logged and available in a tooltip when hovering on a cell.

Edit employees' timecards

Admins and supervisors can update timecards for other employees at a 'Member summary' page. Get there by clicking on a user name anywhere in the app and go to 'Timecard' tab. Download a user timecard as a PDF file.

Timecards approval

You should have a 'Time Approval' app turned on under Applications page. 

A user can send its hours for approval to a team admin from the 'Timecard' tab. Click on the 'Not Submitted' badge next to the weekly total. Once submitted, timecard can't be changed, unless you withdraw the request.

An admin will receive an email notification and can approve or reject it from the 'Team' page. Approval applies to both the 'Project hours' and 'Working hours'. 

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