How to use labels and tags in Basecamp?

Tags and Custom fields allow you to give tasks additional context or to group similar tasks for easy viewing. Unfortunately, Basecamp misses this functionality and make this integration loses against competitors like Asana or Trello, where you can group your time based on these elements. Everhour has developed a way to use this functionality. 

Instruction on how to do this

You should use the following syntax in your to-do description:

Tags show the name of your Basecamp groups.

Adding fields
Format:  Todo Name [Field1:Value1][Field2:Value2] - add 2 custom fields.

This is how it looks in action:

I have this task in my Basecamp with one group and one custom field in its description. I reported one hour into it:

When I open a report and add such columns as Tag and find the column called Status, I will see the value in those fields:

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