Everhour GDPR FAQs

How can I delete my Everhour for GDPR?

Only team owners can delete an Everhour account. A team owner is a user who first created an Everhour account. This is possible to check your team role on the profile page in account settings.

To delete your account, open Team settings and click on the red button located at the bottom right-hand corner. All data will be immediately and permanently deleted. This is why we advise to export it if you need to use further for your purposes.

When a trial expired and access is locked, a team owner can delete an account directly from the billing page form.

In both cases, we will ask you to fill in the form with your reason for account deletion. The deletion won’t happen until you provide this reason.

How can I export my Everhour data for GDPR?

When you are an active user, you can always export your data from your reports in a CSV or PDF format.

or those who wish to make an export to external tools they work with, we offer our REST API documentation.

Another option is to go to your Account > Export Data and download all data in a JSON format, which is very convenient to wrap in a shape you wish to use. This is also available for accounts with an expired trial or canceled subscription, where the owner can see the button to export all account data in the FAQ section.

Where to find more about Everhour and GDPR

You can read more about where we store your data and what services we use on a dedicated page that you can access by going here.

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