My profile

What type of information is located here

The profile page contains your personal details in a team, as well as preferences you use working with our reports. All type of settings applied here deal only with your own profile, it does not change anything for the rest of the team.

Basic information

The first block shows info that you add during the registration: your avatar, name, job title, country. There is a field to change your email address and password you use with Everhour. We also display your current team role and who owns your team.
We also sync your computer timezone to later use it in detecting when we should trigger some of the team settings, like stopping the timer at the end of the day or sending a summary email.

Personal preferences

This block allows you to change the way you see the information in Everhour reports. Any change that you make in this block is personal, i.e. has no effect on how other members see information in their reports.
You can round time in your reports to the nearest number or round up. Mind that it is not the same rounding that you have for invoices when going to applications. We also define the format you are comfortable to work with. Default Startup Page is used to define what is the first page that you see when logging into your account.

Application access

This is a block storing your unique API token that is associated with your profile. Its main function is to authorize you in our browser extension when you track time with the external project management tool. We usually do it automatically when you log in to your account, but in case you are logged out, you need to copy the token and enter it into the authorization window.

This token should be kept private, like any other important information with credentials. 

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