Add your time for the past

Everhour offers plenty of options to log your hours retrospectively. Let's look at them one by one.

4 ways to add time for the past:

  • through Integration's page
  • using browser extension
  • on the Time page (any tab) 
  • on the Team's Timesheet (Admins only)


You only need to find the right task and find an option to add or edit. Then insert your hours, choose the date from the popped up calendar and hit Save. You can also move the slider to switch your time entry mode to interval entry so you will not have to calculate your hours manually.  Below is an example from Asana. You can find how it looks in all tools we integrate with by reading an article on each integration here.

Also, Asana and Trello users could access their weekly timesheet and enter hours for today or past dates. Please read our blog post to find out how it works.

Browser extension

Open your browser extension window and choose one of the recent tasks to log your time for. Otherwise, you can also search for tasks in the same window. After you choose a task and hit the blue Add time button, you will be able to indicate your hours manually in any entry mode (hours, interval) and choose the day you need to add your progress to.

Time page

You can also add your past time through the Everhour account. You can go to Time (List tab) hit the hours next to the task you'd like to add your time for, insert the number of hours and choose the day from the calendar. Do not forget to hit Save at the end. When it comes to a Timesheet tab, you can also move a slider to switch your time entry mode to a period entry. Once you indicate your time interval, the preview of the hours summary will show up on the button, so the only thing left to do will be to hit the button to report your time.

When time is added for the past week, you can switch to Timesheet and add the rest of the tasks through it.

Team's Timesheet 

Team Admins can also add past time on behalf of their team members on a Team's Timesheet page. You will need to choose a week you wish to add the time for, then expand member's timesheet and add hours to a certain day of the week or add a new task to this view and then add time for this newly added task.

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