The Availability feature empowers managers to optimize team schedules by considering employee absences or preferences at specific times.

Creating availability

As a manager, click on the user menu and select "Edit availability." This action will open the user monthly calendar view, allowing you to add availability for any day. Manager can do it on behalf of any employee.

Employees can configure their personal availability from their Schedule page after logging in. They can add or edit availability only for future dates, while past dates will be locked.

It is possible to mark specific hours or entire days as unavailable based on personal preferences or constraints.

Shift scheduling and overlapping availability

Managers gain a comprehensive view of everyone's availability and shifts on the Schedule page.

When creating a shift for a day with existing unavailability, you will receive a notice. However, the system will not block you from creating the shift on that day or time.

If a shift overlaps with an employee's unavailability, the shift will be highlighted with a red triangle for easy identification.

With the Availability feature, your team scheduling process becomes more efficient and seamless, ensuring better coordination among team members and enhanced productivity.

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