Use the schedule page to create shifts of your staff with ease as well as monitor when they are working and when they have time off.

Schedule at a glance

The main page displays a calendar grid with a weekly view (zoom option is coming soon).

  1. Employees are located on the left side, separated by groups. Groups are handy to unite your staff by occupation or tasks they perform.
  2. Their schedule is located in the middle. The total number of shift hours with unpaid breaks is calculated on the left, next to a user name. When you hover on the number, you can see the weekly capacity hours and compare with planned time.
  3. It is possible to leave day notes.
  4. The top bar allows you to navigate through weeks on your calendar and return to today, add a group of your employees and filter by these groups or individual employees.
  5. Copy week with schedules.
  6. Add shift, time off, employee, group, position on the left. 
  7. Switch between workplaces.

Please note that you can add a new user even without inviting it!

Shift creation

You can create a shift by hovering on the day cell and then clicking on the “+” badge. Alternatively, you can click on the 3-dot symbol on the right and then create shift, time off or paste a copied shift from another day.

There is another option located on the right side at the top: “Create” button. When you open a modal window, there are options:

  • To assign a staff member to it;
  • To mark the shift as open and then choose a group for an assignment;
  • Choose a day and duration of work hours;
  • Add position of a staff member;
  • Indicate the time of unpaid breaks. These break time will be calculated with total shift time next to a member name.
  • Leave some notes to provide context.

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