What is Shifts?

Shifts by Everhour is employee scheduling and time tracking software for shift-based teams and non-desk employees. 

If your business is open more than 10 hours a day, chances are you will need to schedule shift work and use a team’s scheduler app. Shift work may include morning work (6AM - 2PM), night work (2PM - 10PM), or both. In the most difficult case, round-the-clock work (three blocks of 8 hours).
It is often difficult to assign employees to shifts. When scheduling a team is done successfully, productivity is maximised and labor costs do not exceed sales. Every week and month, this task must be repeated again and again. Doing this on paper or a spreadsheet is inconvenient and often prone to errors. The Shifts app was designed for easy management of team's work shifts, time offs, attendance and communication. 

The current development stage 

This is the first iteration of our product, so we decided to make it fully free at the moment. You can use this moment to try out a new tool to manage your shifts.

We are open to any feedback and bug reports! Please contact us whenever you think it would make our product better, we really appreciate your effort to help us make the product better.

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