Enable Google Workspace single sign-on integration (SSO)

Everhour provide an easy-to-use integration with Google to support SSO for you or everyone in your team.

  • SSO using Google is available on our Team Plan
  • Team owner or admin will need to first enable SSO
  • Google Admin account

Go to Admin Console > Apps > Web & mobile apps and click Add app > Add custom SAML app option.


Fill the  App name field, i.e Everhour and click on Continue button.


Copy data:

  • Copy the SSO URL.
  • Copy the Certificate.
  • In a separate browser tab or window, sign in to Everhour and enter the information you copied into the appropriate SSO configuration page, then return to the Admin console.
  • Click Continue button.

Configure Service provider details as follows:

  • ACS URL: Copy and paste Consumer URL from Everhour, i.e: https://api.everhour.com/saml/consume
  • Entity D: Copy and paste Entity ID / Metadata from Everhour, i.e: https://api.everhour.com/saml/metadata
  • Start URL: leave empty.
  • Signed response: must be checked.
  • Name ID format: EMAIL
  • Name IDBasic Information > Primary Email

Skip Attribute mapping setup and click Finish button.


Once setup is completed, you must allow app access for a group or organization unit. Expand User access block.

Set Services status to  ON for everyone and click SAVE button.



  • Return to app dashboard.
  • Click TEST SAML LOGIN link to check newly created SAML application.
  • After that you must be successfully logged in.
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