Enable LastPass single sign-on integration (SSO)

Everhour provide an easy-to-use integration with LastPass to support SSO for you or everyone in your team.

  • SSO using LastPass is available on our Team Plan
  • Team owner or admin will need to first enable SSO
  • LastPass Admin account

Go to Admin Console > Applications > SSO apps and click Add your first SSO app button.

Click on  Add an unlisted app link.

Fill the  Application name field, i.e Everhour and click on Continue button.


Navigate to Set up LastPass tab and configure as follows:

  • ACS: Copy and paste Consumer URL (consumerUrl) from Everhour, i.e: https://api.everhour.com/saml/consume
  • Always require LastPass MFA upon login to this app: leave unchecked

  • Entity ID: Copy and paste Metadata URL (metadataUrl) from Everhour, i.e: https://api.everhour.com/saml/metadata
  • NicknameEverhour
  • Role: leave empty
  • Identity providerhttps://identity.lastpass.com
  • Relay state: leave empty
  • IdentifierEmail
  • SAML signature methodSHA1
  • Signing and encryption: check only ****Sign response

Click Assign users, groups & roles button.

In the next modal window, select as users as you want to assign and click  Assign button.

Select users who have been assigned previously and click  Save & continue button.


Click on the application that we just configured and expand Set up app block.

  • Copy the SSO endpoint and paste the Sign-in page URL into its corresponding field on Everhour (ssoUrl).
  • Copy the Certificate (PEM) and paste the X.509 Certificate into its corresponding field on Everhour (x509Certificate).
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