Enable OneLogin single sign-on integration (SSO)

Everhour provide an easy-to-use integration with OneLogin to support SSO for you or everyone in your team.

  • SSO using OneLogin is available on our Team Plan
  • Team owner or admin will need to first enable SSO
  • OneLogin Admin account

Choose Apps > Find apps, then fine SAML Custom Connector (Advanced). Next input Display Name e.g. "Everhour SAML Connector" and click Save button.


Navigate to Configuration tab and configure as follows:

  • RelayState: leave empty
  • Audience (EntityID): leave empty
  • Recipient: leave empty
  • ACS (Consumer) URL Validator.*
  • ACS (Consumer) URL: Copy and paste  Consumer URL from Everhour, i.e: https://api.everhour.com/saml/consume
  • Single Logout URL: leave empty
  • Login URL: leave empty
  • SAML not valid before3
  • SAML not valid on or after3
  • SAML initiatorService Provider

  • SAML nameID formatEmail
  • SAML issuer typeSpecific
  • SAML signature elementResponce
  • Encrypt assertion: do not check
  • SAML encryption methodTRIPLEDES-CBC
  • Send NameID Format in SLO Request: do not check
  • Generate AttributeValue tag for empty values: do not check
  • SAML sessionNotOnOrAfter1440
  • Sign SLO Request: leave empty
  • Sign SLO Response: leave empty

Navigate to Parameters tab and configure as follows:

  • Credentials are: Configured by admin
  • SAML Custom Connector (Advanced) Field
    • Name: NameID value
    • Value:  Email

Navigate to SSO tab.

  • Copy the SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP) and paste the Sign-in page URL into its corresponding field on Everhour (ssoUrl).
  • Copy the X.509 Certificate by clicking on View Details link and paste the X.509 Certificate into its corresponding field on Everhour (x509Certificate).

Navigate to Users tab and choose users which will be allowed to sign in via SSO and specify their NameID values (emails).

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