Team page

'Team' page is your command center, here you'll find the most vital information about team progress grouped into 5 tabs. The page is accessible only by admins.


The page shows in real time who in your team is currently working and on what tasks. At the bottom of the page, there are members who took a day off and those who have not tracked time today. You can stop someone’s timer by indicating a reason and thereby notify the employee.


Here you'll see the total project hours (optionally with or without time off) by your team for any week. Data can be sorted by member name, by the total for any day or week. Each line can be expanded to see the tasks that an employee worked on, you can make edits, add, approve or reject time. You can group time by project instead of a task. All data can be downloaded as separate PDF, CSV or XLSX files in one click.

In the team settings, you can specify a 'normal hours' range and thus highlight hours out below or above it, so that it is easier for you to spot a possible mistake.


The Timecards feature lets your team record their hours at work each day without having to log time on specific tasks. This feature is perfect for logging time for salaried employees or team members who don’t need to log their hourly work. Team admins can see how many hours they’ve worked each day, week, or month and use them for payroll. It is also good to know when work was started and ended if your state legislation requires that. For companies that also log project hours, this gives a way to compare working hours to project hours.

Time off

In addition to tracking project hours and hours at work ( timecards) your team can also track vacations, sick leaves and any other PTO types with Everhour. 


Here you can manage your team members: invite a new employee or deactivate/delete an existing one, change the employee’s role, add to the team group, adjust hourly rates, set weekly capacity and set certain time tracking threshold. 

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