How to work with multi currency in Everhour?

This is a typical scenario nowadays when your company sells goods and service globally. Everhour has clients all over the world itself. So how do you go about making an invoice for a client where the rate is in US dollars when another client pays you in Euros?

How to change your Base Currency

You can change your currency logging into your Account and going to Team Settings. In the Default Team Metrics section, find the Base Currency field that allows you to set a currency you will see in our reports, budgets, and invoices.

How to display different currencies

Unfortunately, this is not possible to have different currencies in your account. If you change your Base currency, it will be changed everywhere.

We accept the need for being able to charge clients in different currencies. This requires a solid redesign of our current structure and interface. We are happy to start building support for multi-currency when our IT team finds time and resources to put this task on their backlog.

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