Everhour roles and permissions

Everhour has the following role structure: Team Owner > Admin > Supervisor > Member > Member with limited access. This is what each role can or cannot do.

Role in Everhour Owner Admin Supervisor Member Limited
 Team account settings  
1. Access to billing, purchase or cancel a subscription, download past receipts
2. Delete Everhour team and all its data
3. Invite or deactivate team members, set their roles, default costs and rates, configure how many hours they allowed to log
4. Access to team profile, change default settings
5. Create team groups
6. Manage expense categories and unit pricing
7. Connect Everhour with accounting apps such as QuickBooks, Xero or FreshBooks and export invoices
 Financial information  
1. Mark projects as billable or non-billable, configure rates
2. See rates and costs of all team members
3. See and set project and client budgets
4. Receive notifications about reaching budget thresholds
5. See and add expenses in Everhour
 Time tracking and reports  
1. See, edit and move their own time
2. See, edit, move time on behalf of all team members into any project
3. See, edit, move time on behalf of other members having access to a project
4. See time and task estimates of other team members if they share access to the same project
5. See real-time dashboard, stop someone's timer with a reason
6. Edit time for a locked period
6. Approve timesheet of other members
 Access to other pages and functionality  
1. See all clients in Everhour
2. Create or archive internal projects in Everhour
3. See team schedule, create assignments on all members and projects
4. Turn the schedule on/off for specific projects and members, give a regular member or supervisor access to the schedule

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