Everhour roles and permissions

There are 5 user roles in Everhour:

Owner: initially, this is the one who registered the Everhour account. The only user in the team who can access team billing page, can manage subscription, have access to receipts and can delete an account. Team ownership can be transferred to any other admin.
Admin: full access (except exclusive privileges of the team owner). Can see projects and tasks of all users, regardless of whether they are assigned to the project or not. This is due to the fact that any admin should see the same totals in reports and be able to configure projects billing and budgeting. 
Member: ordinary employee. Can report time into projects and tasks he is assigned. Can see other team members and their contribution into common projects. Does not have access to money-related information. 
Supervisor: intermediate role between admin and member. The supervisor can see, add or edit the time for another user, but only on common projects. The supervisor does not see a member until they have an intersection on projects. Like members, supervisor does not have access to money-related information. 
Limited Member: can track only personal time and expenses.
Account management
1 Buy or cancel subscription, download receipts, transfer ownership
2 Delete Everhour account and data
3 Manage users: invite, deactivate, change roles
4 Change team settings
5 Turn on/off apps for the entire team ('Invoices', 'Schedule' etc.)
6 Connect with accounting apps such as QuickBooks or Xero
 Financial information
1 Manage projects billing, mark tasks as 'non-billable'
2 Manage rates and costs of all members
3 Manage project and client budgets
(admin can make budget visible to everyone for specific projects)
4 Receive notifications about reaching budget thresholds
5 Manage expenses of all members   
(only admin can see all expenses and make them 'billable' for invoicing)
6 Add own expenses
7 Issue invoices for time and expenses
 Time management
1 Edit project hours and clock-ins on behalf of other members
(supervisor can see members with common projects)
3 See time and estimates of other members (common projects)
4 See running timers, stop someone's timer
5 Approve time of other members
6 Edit locked time (approved, invoiced etc.)
7 Record time off
(everyone can see their time off, admins can let supervisors create time off)
8 Set weekly limits, capacity
 Other functionality
1 Create, archive, delete projects
2 Manage tasks
(admin can allow everyone to manage tasks in a specific project)
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