Power-up Pro plan subscription

Enjoy a 14-day free trial with our Pro plan. Once the trial period ends, your subscription will automatically revert to the Free plan.
To subscribe, click the "Time" button located in the top bar. 

In the open window, select the "Upgrade" button, then navigate to the "Billing" tab within the Settings modal.

Clicking "Purchase now" will redirect you to the Stripe checkout page to complete your subscription.

Note that any team member can initiate the initial purchase, irrespective of their role in Trello. The individual making the purchase becomes the billing admin and holds the authority to cancel the subscription. Should you need to change the payer, you will have to cancel and re-subscribe.

If you have any ideas or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at powerup{at}everhour.com or via this form

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