Power-up premium plan [coming]

We're in the midst of developing valuable new features for our power-up, set to be included in our upcoming Pro plan. This expansion is expected to take a few more weeks.

We plan to keep the basic functionalities free of charge, as we currently do. The Pro plan will introduce some additional features, a few of which we'll detail below.

Cross-Board Reporting

This feature will enable users to access data from multiple boards in a single report. Gone are the days of toggling between projects to compile a report. You'll be able to filter cards by different projects and even group data by board.

Billable Time

This feature is designed to allow users to designate tracked time as billable. To achieve this, a dedicated flag will be integrated into the time-logging pop-up, enabling to set and, if necessary, edit this designation in reports. Moreover, you'll be able to establish a billable rate, allowing to calculate the total billable amount per card, per user, or even per board.


This feature's core use case is to enable you to set specific budgets for individual cards. For instance, this could represent a fixed-price agreement with a client, providing you with a convenient way to closely monitor your progress.

Advanced Filters and Extra Columns in Reports

We're planning to expand the filtering capabilities, allowing you to filter data based on a range of additional properties. Furthermore, we'll provide the option to select specific columns from the available list, offering a more tailored and comprehensive reporting experience.

Custom Date Ranges

Pro plan users will have access to Custom Date Ranges, a feature that enables precise filtering of reporting data by user-defined time periods. Instead of being limited to preset timeframes, you'll be able to select and analyze data for specific periods relevant to your needs. 

In Conclusion

As mentioned, these features are still in the development stage, and we will need a few more weeks to bring them to life. During this process, there may be some adjustments, so the screenshots provided above are just approximate illustrations.
If you have any ideas or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at ask{at}everhour.com or via this form. We value your input and are here to help!
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