What you can do with Trello power-up

Do you have 4 minutes? Here is a full overview of Everhour power-up.

When you add Everhour to a Trello board, you will get a few features added to the Trello interface:

Track time

In the card details, you can track time using a timer or log time manually for any date. Here you’ll see the reported time by other members. Admins can report and manage time on their behalf.

Trello powerup - Add time

Watch time and estimates next to your cards

In the board view, next to the card title, you'll see if there is a running timer, total reported time, and the original estimate.
Trello powerup - Board view

Make detailed report and export to CSV

Click the "Time" button in the menu to display a table showing full time entries history. Filter by date or member. Add notes. Export CSV file.
Trello powerup - Time report


If you have a large team or if you need a native and more feature-rich product for time tracking and project planning - pay attention to the Everhour + Trello time tracking integration.

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