Time clock terminal (the Kiosk app)

The time clock terminal is a dedicated computer or a mobile device (like an iPad) that your team will use solely for clocking in and out. You can set up a time clock terminal at the entrance, in the break room or at the center of your workplace.

Team members will be able to enter their PIN codes and clock in / out via the terminal.

How to set up

To set up a time clock terminal, a team admin should log in at https://shifts.everhour.com/kiosk:

Your device will then be ready for users to clock in and out:

How to generate PIN codes

To generates individual PIN codes for your team members:

  1. Go to Settings > Employees;
  2. Select a team member and click 'Edit';
  3. Click 'Create PIN';
  4. You can also send a notification with the member's PIN code to an email;

How to clock in / clock out / start break

1. Enter your PIN to log in:

2. If you haven't clocked in during the day yet, you will see only the 'Clock in' button:

3. If you have already clocked in and want to start a break or clock out, you will see these two options on the screen:

4. You can use the 'Lock screen' button to lock the screen of the device. The screen will be locked automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity. After that, the next member can clock in/ clock out/ start a break.

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