On the Settings page, there are a few tabs where you can configure your personal and team's data. Let's take a quick look at each of them. 

My profile

On the My Profile tab, you can set and change your profile picture, name, email, timezone, time and date format.


On the Employees tab, you can see the current members of your team and add new ones, set their role, group, capacity and status. 


On the Positions tab, you can create and edit the positions which you will then assign to your team members.

Time off types

The Time off types tab is where you can create and edit the types of the time offs that you use in your team. 


On the Workspaces tab, you create and edit you workspaces.

You will then be able to quickly shift between your workspace in the profile menu:


On the Preferences tab, you can select the first day of week and your team's currency.

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