Time page

'Time' page in Everhour is a hub where you manage all your time entries. Add or edit time, find more details, make sure the data for a particular day or week is correct. The page is divided into 3 tabs.

'List' tab

On the 'List' tab, you'll see time entries grouped by day of the week, in descending order. The current day is always at the top, likewise the last task you worked on that day.

'Timesheet' tab

The timesheet tab shows mostly the same data but in a different interpretation. Here you'll see your tasks grouped together with the total time for a particular day of the week.

'Timecard' tab

'Timecards' is an essential yet not used by every team functionality. It can be added or removed from the Everhour interface (you can even enable it only for certain members) by any team admin on the Applications page.

This feature is perfect for logging time for salaried employees or team members who don’t need to log their hourly work. See how many hours you’ve worked each day or week. Admins can use this info for payroll. Sometimes it's required to log when work was started and ended by law. 

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