Our support working hours, response times, and more

You can reach out to Everhour Support via the ask@everhour.com email address or via a chat widget available in the bottom right corner inside the web app. 

Office hours

Our regular working hours: 9am - 6:00pm Central Europe Time, Monday - Friday. 

Our promise is to provide a reply within 24 business hours. In practice, you can expect a much faster reply. During weekends there will be fewer people responding to user queries. They check their inbox less often and respond only in case of emergency or service problems.

Who are eligible for support? 

Any Everhour user, regardless of the payment plan, may contact support for help. 

Does Everhour have a SLA?

No. Everhour does not currently have a SLA. 

Is there phone support? 

No. Our support team can only provide help via email or the integrated chat widget. You can also request a product demo.
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