Join teams with the same email or integration

Everhour does not allow a user to join two teams with the same email address or the same integration account of your project management tool.

The main reason is your security. Admins in Everhour can see what team reports, even without access to a project in an original PM tool. It means your data is vulnerable, when a person from another organization may see what you work on for another company.

The second points is that your time from the different account may appear in teams reports, inflating the progress and making an admin think you overspent time.

If I wish to stop membership in one team and join another, you should disable your connection with a PM tool. After that, please ask the team owner to deactivate your account on the Members page.  All time entries made with the previous team will remain in admins reports. The third step is to get back to us at confirming that you want to join another team.

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