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Team Timesheet

Team Timesheet Dashboard easies an admin job when they need to check if a team filled in a timesheet, as well as quickly add missing time for others.

Where to find

You can access a new dashboard by logging in to your Account > Reports > Team Timesheet.

New Dashboard in Everhour - Team Timesheet

Admins can see all members’ time on it, supervisors see the time of other members only from projects they have access to. The dashboard does not display¬†deactivated members.

We select last week to show up by default, but you can add your custom period. There is a team group filter too.

You can enter a full-screen mode when your timesheet is too big. We freeze 2 first columns during the scroll to let you see total hours by a member at any moment.

When you click on a cell, you can edit the existing time entry. To add a new time entry, please select a project and a task first.

Everhour - Add time modal

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