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Sharing a report

You can make reports private or share with other team members.

It’s good to keep reports private when you don’t want to distract members by showing another report on their list. On the other side, somebody could create reports which all team can use to save their time.

To share a report, open it, click on Menu>Edit>Sharing tab and choose a member group that will see it.

A team member can see a report in a dropdown list by clicking on Reporting.

Users with an admin role can change the settings/filters of shared report. Please be careful when editing someone’s report!

Users with a member role could not edit report settings. Additionally, if a member doesn’t have access to some projects in report, the entries for this project won’t show up and totals will be different.

In the upper left corner you can see the status of report. We display icons with whom it is shared.

private report

shared report

In the upper right corner you can see when and who edited a report last time. This helps you to see if the report version is valid. Somebody might have changed something and you need to bring it in order.

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