Using sections

Sections help to organize your tasks into milestones, to-do lists, by clients, areas of expertise… whatever makes sense in your particular case.

In reports, a section means the same as iteration.

Creating a section

Sections are very easy to create. Just press on Add Section, give it a name and start adding your tasks.

Section’s overview

Each section displays its progress indicating the reported time against the estimate of all its tasks. This is how it looks in List view:

Section estimate, progress

And Board view:

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 6.13.33 PM

Manage a section

Click on the section’s name to open a standalone per-section page.

This is extremely useful in case you have many open tasks in a section or want to see all the completed tasks, as project page shows last 5 completed.

Menu on the right lets you perform several actions:

  • archive makes the section inactive (a.k.a completed) leaving you an option to use it one day again;
  • delete completely wipes the section off.

To rename the section hover on its name and press on the pencil sign.

If you expand the section name you will see some other options too:

Collapse let you hide sections you no longer work but want to keep them active to quickly find previous tasks.

List all tasks moves you to a section view to show both open and completed tasks.

Rearrange sections

Any section (as any task) is subject to moving up and down in the list. Just click on its title and start dragging it to the place where you want to see it.




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