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Report actions buttons and filters

Everhour report is an array of filters, columns, groups and conditions that you can save to make a report look the way you want. Reports have their name and you can make it private or share with other team groups.

Tasks without any reported time or estimates won’t appear in reports 

To create a report from scratch, open Reports>Create Report.

You need to know first how actions and filers button work to let you control the information you would like to see in your report.

Actions menu

If you open your report, you will see actions in the upper right-hand corner:


Edit opens the option to rename your report (put the cursor into the name field to do that) and settings to set up the report view to your needs.

Make a Copy saved a duplicate of your report. Handy, if you literally need to change just some filters to see another type of report. As a result, you don’t waste time to start it from scratch.

Enter Full Screen opens a mode to let you concentrate on report analysis. You can minimize it back by pressing Esc button.

Delete wipes off the existing report from your account.

On the left above a report are some other options to polish its look.

Filter displays particular clients projects and members you want to see, hiding the rest.

Sort makes it possible to list columns and rows in an alphabetical order or by highest/lowest amount of time associated with them.

Column opens the layout section where you can build a structure of your report.

Formatting navigates to a filed to apply certain conditions for highlighting, and sharing lets show the report to other team members or groups.

Download as .csv, .xlsx or pdf exports your report as a file. Later you can send it to your clients or team members. Perhaps, you want to do simple math with it.

There is a special template tab for newcomers. We hope you can see the most popular reports our users create and borrow them for your work. Click on Preview and then choose actions in the right-hand corner of the report and make a copy to add to your reports.

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