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Getting started for team creators, admins, supervisors

Before signup

To register with us, please visit our promo page and hit to start your free trial

Everhour allows you to sign up via one of 3d party project management tools we integrate with or by simply using your email address.

1) In the first case, you will be able to track time inside those apps, without opening Everhour.

Integrations may also be added at any time. However, if you plan to integrate and use Everhour with one of the supported integrations, we recommend that you sign up with this tool. In this case, our setup wizard will show and handle all the necessary steps automatically.

2) The second scenario is also fine, when you may want to use Everhour as a standalone app without any integrations. So just sign up by email, create internal projects and tasks and log your team hours. As mentioned, you can add any integration down the road.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 1.45.58 PM

Setup wizard

The next step is our setup wizard. It breaks the registration process down into several steps and should be smooth and quick.

1 – Basic info

We ask to verify your personal information taken from external tool (avatar, name). This information appears in different parts of your account and helps your colleagues to see who you are.

2 – Sync

First off, Everhour syncs all your projects and tasks.

The length of this process depends on how much data you have on your account (you may have 10 or 1,000 projects). The benefit is once Everhour completes the sync, you don’t spend any more time to manually add new projects and tasks. All data syncs automatically. 

3 – Create a team

Each team should have a name. Make it simple so each team member understands what this name stands for.

Usually, this is a company name. It is used in different places, such as an email notification to invite a new member (so they don’t ignore your email).

4 – Inviting colleagues

Invite your colleagues to battle test Everhour.

You can do it during this step or later, from your account settings. Each member gets an invite email with details who invited him/her and a link with Getting started for team members article.

You can also make a custom invitation message to provide some instructions.

5 – Installing a browser extension

The last but extremely important step is to install our browser extension.

You won’t see any embedded buttons in your external app until a browser extension is installed and authorized. You’ll need to authorize using your login/password or via API key which is listed in your profile settings.

The extension should be installed on every computer on which you work.

That’s mainly it!

You might want to look through other sections of our knowledge base to find out how to track time, reporting features, account settings, and how billing works.

If there is anything you might need help with, feel free to email us at ask@everhour.com any time. We are happy to help you.

Happy time tracking!


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