Creating tasks

New task

Each section has a button – Create Tasks. Clicking on it, you trigger an inline form with the task title field. To give a task more context, you should select Edit task.

You can use Markdown language to add formatting to task description. Here is the syntax details. It allows you to easily add bold, italics, links, lists, paragraphs, headers, and images to blocks of texts.

Below the description field, you can tag your task to be able to generate reports by this metadata. Above, you can set the due date, a color of your task or quickly go to a project view.

You are free to add as many tags as needed, just separate them by comma. If an internal tag name exactly matches the tag name from external systems, they will be considered as one in reports.

Track time

To start tracking time against the task, simply click on the timer icon next to the task title.

start timer on internal tasks

Alternatively, go to the Time tracking page and refer to it similar to what you do to track time for tasks from external tools.

Click on the task name to open a task details popup (read more here).

Task search and filter

In the upper left corner of the project view, you can see a search field and select what status of the task you want to see.


You can type the name of the task if you need to quickly find one. The search shows tasks with both complete and incomplete status and gives you hints with results as you type.

Task filter allows hiding of all completed tasks or shows every task you have created.

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