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Before creating an invoice

A team owner/admin can see a dedicated tab to Invoicing in the Team settings. This page begins with a block to add your company business details and logo.

Invoice settings

Here you set your default currency (only one). By changing your currency, we just change the UI icon, not acting as an exchange rate converter.

Additionally, you can set appropriate time rounding and select the PDF layout –  A4 or Letter.

You can round time in different increments if you use it in invoices. This is possible to round to the nearest number, or round the time up. i.e. 15-minute rounding makes 17 minutes to look like 15 minutes while rounding up makes it look 30 minutes in your invoice.

Team and project rates

On a team members’ page, there is the ability to set their individual hourly rates of your team members. The user rate applies to all invoices and project budgets that are set in a sum of money. The rate that equals 0 means the hours of that person are non-billable.

This is also possible to set your internal cost (a salary that you pay your employee) and compare it with the price your client pays.

On a projects’ page, you can apply a flat rate for a project that will override all individual team rates.



You need to create a client before you create an invoice. You can archive a client or make it active, assign projects to them and set up a budget to track progress on a client level.


When creating an invoice, we add time only of members and projects assigned to a client. A project could be used only with one client.

The first step asks you to give your client a name and tie your projects to it.

Then you need to open settings and add business details, tax, discount and due terms for this client, which we will apply in our invoices.


You can read this article about expenses if you wish them to appear in your invoice too.

Now you are ready to open Invoices to generate your first invoice!

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