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How to add projects/members in Schedule

If you don’t see projects and members in our Schedule, you should include them manually. The assumption is that not all projects and members need to be scheduled, so we save you from noise on this page.

How to include a project into Schedule

To use a project in Schedule and create assignments for it:

  • Open Projects;
  •  select a project you would like to appear in a tab;
  •  Turn the schedule on. Select multiple projects to add them at once.

How to add members

To include a member and assign hours they should work on projects:

  • Go to your team members page;
  • Select a user;
  • Define their weekly capacity;
  • Turn on schedule for them;
  • Schedule tab is visible to team admins only. If you wish to show it to members and supervisors, check make schedule available to the user.

When you open Schedule to a member, they can see projects and assignments they have access to in your PM tool or in Everhour. They can also create assignments for themselves and for other members. Members can’t see projects to which they have no access and they can’t create assignments there.

Important! A user should finish the registration process to appear in our Schedule. A user should have a connected integration if you Everhour with other project management tools. If not all steps are completed, you can’t make assignments on this user.

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