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Getting started for team members

Before signup

As a new member, you should first receive an invite email from an admin and then follow the link to join the team.

Invitation email from Everhour

Setup wizard

After successful login, you will see a setup wizard. You should pass through several important steps to complete registration.

1 – Basic info

We ask to verify your personal information (picture, name, job title). This information appears in different parts of your account and helps your colleagues to see who you are.

2 – Sync

On the second step, you will see a list of integrations that your team uses.

We assume that if your team uses any, you likely use them as well and therefore ask to connect each account with Everhour.

If your team owner has not connected any of integrations during the signup, we assume that you don’t need one and skip this step. But you will always have an option to connect and 3rd party app in your account settings.

Just click on the Connect button to let EH do the rest of sync automatically. The sync time depends on the number of projects in your management tool.

When you sync your account, you sync all your projects, however, no one will see projects/tasks unless you report time there. If you do so, such projects and tasks become visible for admins in reports regardless if they have access to the project in a management tool or not.

There are exceptions though when you can’t track time:

  • We don’t sync Personal Projects and its tasks in Asana
  • We don’t sync Public Repositories and its issues in Github
  • We don’t sync Trello boards that do not belong to any team
  • We don’t sync Pivotal projects that don’t allow API access

3 – Join a team

When you came after the admin’s invite, you are not asked to do anything at this step besides hitting confirm. :))

The essence of this step is to make sure that everything is correct and you are joining the right team.

If you join on your own and we think you have an affiliation with an existing team, you should send a request to join and wait for an approval.

4 – Installing a browser extension

The last but extremely important step is to install our browser extension

You won’t see any embedded buttons in your external app until a browser extension is installed and authorized. You’ll also need to authorize extension using your API key which is listed in your profile settings.

The extension should be installed on every computer on which you work.

If your team owner did not connect any 3rd party tool when setting up your team account, we skip this step.

To see a timer in your management tool that you connect later, you will need to download and install our browser extension.

That’s mainly it!

You might want to look through other sections of our knowledgebase to find out how to track time, reporting features and account settings.

If there is anything you might need help with, feel free to email us at

ask@everhour.com any time. We are happy to help you.

Happy time tracking!

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