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Everything old Everhour customers need to know about Everhour 2

Which version do I use?

Everhour 2 was introduced in September 2016. If you signed up earlier, you should likely log in v1.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 3.21.55 PM

Staying with original version (v1)

We’re currently supporting both versions of our app. 

The original version of Everhour will work simultaneously with the new Everhour. By introducing a new version, we won’t shut down the old one or force you to move away from it. You can stay with the old version as long as you wish.

However, you should keep in mind that the old version won’t receive any new features Everhour 2 can show off: automatic sync of all projects, brand new reporting, team groups and many more. Old Everhour is simply maintained and kept working.

Moving to the new version (v2)

Every team can switch to the new version any time. Unfortunately, we can’t migrate your old data to the new version. You have to create a new account to join EH2. The data structure is entirely different which make it absolutely impossible to automatically upgrade to a new version. Sorry about that ;(

What we offer as an option for teams – after you sign up for v2, we can save and keep your account in EH1 as long as you need it to let you see your entry history any time. It will be absolutely free.

This is a manual action, so we require to send us a message at ask@everhour.com that you want to use the option. Please don’t rush, don’t take any steps to unsubscribe or close your old account.

We can also leave EH1 access only to an account owner in order to prevent other employees tracking time into different versions.

Also, we no longer have solo accounts in the new version. Solo account owners – sorry to upset you, but you will start a new account with a new price or stick to the old version.

Again, just sign up for v2, invite all your team there, ask them to make sure they report time into the right version (see checklist) and get in touch with us to stop your old subscription.

Is v2 a good fit for us?

The new version possesses the number of improvements that were a desire for a long time of EH1 users.

The core advantage hard to argue with is that v2 has a fully automated sync, meaning, for example, that you don’t need to manually add Asana projects after you link it during signup.

Most of bugs and restriction are excluded from the new version because of new structure.

Another great advantage is reports that became super flexible and show information that you really want and need.  

Next awesome feature to come is invoicing, besides we are ready to constantly improve new product to add more new features that the current version lacks.

Summarizing, v2 was entirely redesigned from scratch and absolutely worth certain headache with moving.


If you wanna try a new version simultaneously working with EH1, please keep in mind that you have to manually change the API key in Everhour browser extension based on version you are working with.

They are different!

Open up your browser extension settings:

Safari > Preferences > Extensions > API Key (browser restart required)
Chrome > chrome://extensions/ > Options > API Key
Firefox > Menu >Add-ons> Plugin Tab >API Key

And compare the API Key (Token) with the one listed in your account profile:

v1: https://everhour.com/profile/
v2: https://app.everhour.com/#/account/profile


If anything isn’t clear, or if you have any further questions, please drop our excellent support crew an email at ask@everhour.com and they’ll get back to you.

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